Raised in La Jolla since the age of one, Jim McInerney was born to be creative and energetic. He grew up on the beach at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club and went to elementary through high school in La Jolla. Growing up, Jim was always active in sports - playing soccer, baseball, swimming, football, surfing, and making frequent visits to the Scripps Hospital emergency room in La Jolla. 

Jim earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Southern California. He used his new-found knowledge of the "power of talk" to break into the sales industry.

After a couple great restaurant management positions, 23-year old Jim had the wonderful opportunity to work as a class action suit investigator for a private law firm.  Twenty years later, Jim has worked on over 60 class-actions that have brought in over $1 billion in settlements. Being an investigator has taught Jim so many skills, both in the courtroom and on the streets. 

In 2000, Jim married and, shortly thereafter, had three beautiful children. Jim raises his children in La Jolla, where they play at the same beaches and parks that he played at as a kid. 

When his daughter was born in 2001, Jim siezed the opportunity in San Diego real estate. It came naturally to him, and he quickly turned it into a profitable business. Fourteen years later, Jim is proud to be affiliated with Pacific Sotheby's International Realty.

In 2008, Jim hired Rachel Flavin, and they have worked together ever since. They have built the business together and worked on various development projects both here in San Diego and abroad in Costa Rica.

Jim has high expectations of himself. In 2015 Jim sold $40 million of residential coastal San Diego real estate. 

"I live in La Jolla, work in La Jolla, raise my family La Jolla, and play on the coast. I've made the decision to be one of the top realtors to ever work in coastal San Diego. I have hired a professional coaching company that trains me in the latest techniques and methods to increase customer satisfaction with all my real estate clients. I've been involved in this professional coaching on a weekly basis the last five years. Technology does not frighten me, change does not get in my way. I am a sales soldier dedicated to being the best in my field."

Aside from work, Jim's passion is music - writing it, playing it, singing it, dancing to it, but most of all listening and enjoying it. Jim has played guitar and bass for 25 years and will "play to his grave." His other passion is water. Some of his favorite experiences have been traveling the world and surfing some of the globe's most challenging waves, including Sunset Beach in Hawaii and Cloudbreak Reef in Fiji.

Life for Jim is busy - a wife, three children, a dog, friends, and a demanding career. Jim manages it all by staying organized, efficient, alert, healthy, and hungry. If you're looking for someone to protect your best interests and be your sales soldier, you have found him.