Micayla Robertson

Micayla Robertson

Marketing Manager at Jim McInerney Real Estate Team

(619) 363-2020micayla@theironagency.com

Micayla Robertson | MARKETING MANAGER

Prolific Powerhouse and Professional Storyteller. Micayla Robertson is a respected marketing connoisseur, social media manager, podcast producer, and creative copywriter with a passion for Real Estate. Elevating the social image of Real Estate, Micayla understands how to structure, organize and propel a concept from idea to launch, and utilizes her background in journalism to craft a purposeful and personalized brand identity for your business. Believing whole-heartedly in the power of storytelling, her creative approach to brand management crafts a distinguishing online presence for agents and brokers.

Marketing Manager of the Jim McInerney Real Estate Team, Micayla believes in brand management and social engagement as the foundation for creative storytelling. Lending her marketing expertise to create notable influence and establish rising brands, resulting in the highest ROI, Micayla tells the story of Jim McInerney Real Estate while crafting a genuine social identity with unyielding execution.