Eva Popcke

Creative Director

Eva loves all things creative and has lots of experience working in her role as a graphic designer and creative director. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and has worked with large companies such as Whole Foods Market, The Home Depot, Callaway Golf and the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance to external agencies and startups like Newsela and Trade School Agency. 

She thrives in the creative space having a well rounded background in many roles such as experiential design, graphic design, content design, brand design and strategy, to custom hand drawn illustrations and large scale murals. Need help executing an idea or vision? She will help you achieve it. 

She loves San Diego and is a local native. Having grown up on a third generation farm, she gravitates to all things organic, holistic and outdoors. Her journey as a creative began with painting signs on the ranch and blossomed to making billboards off of the 5 South. It’s her high school teacher that really convinced her to study art as a profession and proved that everything you see has been thoughtfully brought to life by someone who designed it. 


Website: delaevadesigns.com

Instagram: @delaevadesigns

Email: [email protected]