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The day “The OC” first aired on Fox was the moment America fell in love with Southern California. The modern soap opera showed us how life could look waking up to ocean views, beautiful sunny skies, and palm trees on every corner. Southern California living became the millennial dream and instead of settling for two vacations a year, thousands have made the move to enjoy vacation living everyday. But honestly, who can blame them?

Here are the top 3 reasons why young professionals are moving to vacation spots like San Diego, CA, and why you should too:

  • Cleanliness

When tourism drives the city’s economics, cleanliness is the leading factor in maximizing experiences. Whether lounging at the beach or exploring one of the parks along the Harbor, San Diego prides itself in cleanliness. Why walk over trash and avoid certain areas, when you can stroll peacefully down clear boardwalks surrounded by inviting dining options? With the help of local non-profit organizations like I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD), the city’s vision is to maintain a zero waste, litter-free, and environmentally engaged San Diego region.

  • Local Discounts

The days of waiting in crowded lines and overpaying for park tickets are over. Locals are exploring major tourist attractions, amusement parks, and family friendly entertainment all while saving gas, time, energy and money. With single-day discount passes and local rideshare options, it pays to live within proximity to San Diego’s most popular attractions like the San Diego Zoo, The San Diego Safari Park, LEGOLand and SeaWorld. Enjoy a staycation with minimal planning required and explore the many attractions that San Diego has to offer.

  • Year-Round Sunshine

The amount of sunlight you’re exposed to on a daily basis can have a tremendous impact on your attitude and productivity. In San Diego, the sun is always shining! With 266 days

of sun, while the rest of the nation has 205, it’s no secret that San Diego is often referred to as America’s Finest City. Ranked #8 among the top-ranking US cities for sunshine, this Southern California gem gets more sun in winter than in summer and has 0 average days of temperatures below 32 degrees. Grab your sunglasses and head outside because the sun is ready for you to have some fun!


Are you looking to make San Diego your new staycation destination? For more information on why you should make the move, contact our team today! We’d be honored to help you find your dream home in America’s Finest City!