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Top 3 reasons why Pacific Beach is the perfect city for Millenials

Whether you moved to California to enjoy the weather or favor the surfer lifestyle with a small beach town feel and easy walkability to the ocean, Pacific Beach is the neighborhood to be! Here are the top 3 reasons millennials are ditching downtown and moving to Pacific Beach or “P.B.” as the locals call it!

Entertainment and Nightlife in Pacific Beach

The nightlife in P.B. is neverending, with tons of pubs, bars, restaurants, and clubs to explore! Why wait in crowded lines and pay outrageous cover fees when you can walk into the hottest pubs in town and create a night to remember. Take on the night at the Tavern, an industrial-style bar that has been the go-to spot for decades, or make new friends and memories at Mavericks – the two-story lounge with fantastic music and plenty of room to bust a move. If you’re into Country music, enjoy live performances and dancing at Moonshine Beach – a country-themed bar with weekly drink specials, or check out the Tap Room, where you can enjoy some of the best pizza in Pacific Beach and a brilliant craft beer selection.

The Best Eateries in Pacific Beach

We can’t start or end the night without good food and good company. Gather with friends on Taco Tuesday at Taco Surf P.B. for the best fish tacos, or check out Happy Hour at Dirty Birds for bites, brews, and soul-quenching hot wings! From Cal-Mex, Mexican, American and, Asian cuisine, your taste buds will thank you for exploring the great dining options on Mission Blvd. For a luxurious dining experience, spend the evening at Tower 23 for upscale ocean view dining.

…a small beach town feel and easy walkability to the ocean, Pacific Beach is the neighborhood to be!

Spectacular Surf Spots in Pacific Beach

The waters are often crowded when tourists pack the beaches and boardwalks along Pacific and Mission Beach, so journey down to the hidden gem of Tourmaline Surf Park. Very few people know about this spot as it’s nestled between apartments and homes, at the bottom of Tourmaline street, before you hit Bird Rock. Grab your board and join your fellow surfers as the waves at Tourmaline are killer, and the sunsets are even more spectacular.

When each day is filled with surfing, eating, and enjoying life, there’s no wonder why Millenials are making P.B. their new home and why you should too! Check out our local Pacific Beach listings and contact someone on our team today to learn more about this coveted neighborhood!